Business Insights
into Future Technology

Convention #1 / 28 Nov 2019 / Berlin, Germany

ALERT: This is a brand new convention concept to shift your thinking as well as your actions. Because business as usual gets you nowhere today. Nobody can afford to waste time at useless conferences anymore. And you know it. So, glad you found us – this is different: BOECK | BUSINESS CONVENTION #1.

Yes, this convention provides insights for industry, investors, and innovation accelerators into high-tech solutions and future markets. Yes, this convention focuses on the most critical business aspects of disruptive technologies. And yes, it helps to cross-learn from various fields of future technology such as New Energy, Robotics & Engineering, Biotechnology, Infotech & AI, and Mobility & Space. But no, you will not get comfortable here. We believe in thinking way beyond the common practice.

So, you must come up with a new type of business case? You need to try things you almost regret? You want to meet people that are curious like you or maybe way ahead? Then, leave your comfy zone, work, and take over our platform. Welcome to BOECK | BUSINESS CONVENTION #1. 



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