Copenhagen – 25 August 2020

Problem: Times for the tech business have changed completely. Simple ideas can disrupt an entire economy within an instant, whereas traditional structures must be able to reinvent over and over. And, we all know what's crucial for innovation: trial and error and the willingness to fail. // However, people tend to stick to what they know. So, classic discussions are to often held by experts from a very narrow scope of technology. If we only stick to our scope, though, we don't get to see solutions from the outside.
Solution: Just like tech fields intersect more and more, we bring together experts with different perspectives more and more, to make fresh ideas possible from a truly diverse spectrum. // We help to break up traditional thinking, to unlearn, and get rid of the mechanics. Let's forget what we know for a day and transfer as much intelligence as possible from corporates, VCs, startups, policymakers, and institutes – from all across the world.
#BOECKBC2 is all about shifting your perspective. Our talks help you to anticipate future technology and the tech market of tomorrow.
Fabian Böck

Fabian Böck

Organizer / Founder BOECKBX

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