Copenhagen – 25 August 2020

Entry to #BOECKBC2 is for free. We only ask for a 15 € donation to non-profit myclimate to reduce our carbon footprint.
Only 500 tickets available!

  1. Register for #BOECKBC2 below.
  2. We will send you the donation link for myclimate.
  3. Once you have donated you will get access to #BOECKBC2.
You will donate directly to myclimate, a non-profit organisation to tackle climate change.
Fabian Böck
Range of Service:
  • Talks with experts from all over Europe
  • Keynotes & Panel Talks (9x) with 45+ speakers
  • Factory style including Halvandet Beach Bar
  • Self catering options on-site / Halvandet

Due to the current limitation of 500 people max, please do only register if you are planning to be with us the whole day. Thank you!

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